Wusthof Performer Series Kitchen Knife

Wüsthof is an internationally known German manufacturer with a rich history of blade forging spanning through three centuries. The company was founded in 1814 in Solingen, one of the few cities in the world renowned for their production of high-quality steel and outstanding quality knives.

Wüsthof, originally known as "Wüsthof Dreizackwerk" established their knife-making business under the leadership of Johann Abraham Wüsthof. Initially the company focused on the production of fine handcrafted steel tools such as shears, butcher knives and scissors. In 1836, Johann's son, Eduard Wüsthof introduced pocket knives as an extra product line. In 1881, Robert Wüsthof, Johann's grandson took a selection of their blades to New York, establishing their first trading relations with the USA. In 1895, Wüsthof introduced its now-iconic Trident logo symbolizing the three pillars of their knife-making philosophy: passion, diligence, and perfection. This logo continues to represent the brand's commitment to excellence and precision.

Wusthof German knife Classic Colour Series(Wüsthof classic colour series)

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Throughout the 20th century, Wüsthof continued to innovate and refine its knife-making processes. In the 1970's they shifted their main focus to the manufacturing of professional chef knives. Today, Wüsthof is still owned and operated by the Wüsthof family, now in its seventh generation. The brand has earned a reputation for producing top tier knives known for their exceptional craftsmanship, durability and sharpness. The company embraced the advancements in technology and manufacturing techniques, incorporating modern innovations while staying true to traditional German knife-making methods.