The ULU Factory knife in its presentation box for retail sale

An Ulu is a traditional knife that originates from the indigenous cultures of the Arctic region, particularly Alaska and parts of Canada. The term "Ulu" translates to "woman's knife" in the Inuit language and it has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries.

Characterized by its distinctive crescent or half-moon shape, it typically consists of a curved blade with a single sharp edge and a handle attached at the center or near the top.

Ulu knives are a very versatile tool that were traditionally, and still are used for a wide range of tasks such as the cutting of meat, fish, vegetables as well as the skinning of animals. The unique shape of the Ulu allows for efficient chopping and rocking motions which can easily glide though many food ingredients.

The Ulu Factory have been proudly making Ulu knives in Alaska since 1973. Once seen as a tourist store gimmick, the Ulu are now appreciated by cooks the world over for their versatility, beauty and ergonomic design.

The ULU Factory knife with a decorated handle in a holding stand

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