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GÜDE is a German cutlery manufacturer well known for their production of high-quality knives with a history dating back to over a century.

GÜDE was founded in 1910 by Karl Peter Güde in the town of Solingen. Solingen with its respected tradition of knife making has been renowned across the world for their exceptional craftsmanship for centuries. Güde established his company with a vision to create knives of superior quality, precision and the aspiration to outdo his rivals. Initially, GÜDE focused on producing handcrafted pocket knives and traditional German hunting knives. The company quickly gained a reputation for their attention to detail and the use of high-quality metals. As a result, GÜDE knives became sought-after not only in Germany but also worldwide.

Over the years, GÜDE expanded their product line to include standard kitchen knives. The company embraced modern manufacturing techniques while still preserving the traditional craftsmanship that made its knives known to hunters since the company's inception. GÜDE knives are still made by skilled artisans who meticulously forge, grind and finish each blade by hand.

One of GÜDE's notable achievements is the development of the "GÜDE Wave" blade design. This unique feature which consists of a wave-shaped edge enhances the cutting performance and reduces friction between the blade and the food being cut. The GÜDE Wave has become a signature characteristic of the company's knives.

GÜDE knives are renowned for their exceptional sharpness, durability and balance. The company's history is a testament to the rich heritage of German knife making traditions and their dedication to producing knives of outstanding usability, quality and ease of use.

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